Resources & Services

Services Offered       

Annual Fish Fingerling Sale –           

  • Offering a variety of bluegill, bass, perch, catfish, amurs , minnows and more fingerlings for sale each spring.

Annual Tree Sale –           

  • Offer select variety of bareroot stock hardwood and evergreen seedlings for sale each spring.

Annual Wildflower Sale –           

  • Offer a variety of native perennial wildflower plants for sale each spring.

Backyard Conservation –

Cropland Conservation –           

  • Information on best management practices and  program incentives for cropland and pastureland.
  • USDA Farm Bill program engineering, survey and design.
  • Conservation and nutrient management planning and consultations.

Drainage Assistance –

Ohio Drainage Law Overview

Forestry –           

Consulting Foresters List           

Tree Nurseries

  • Federal and state forestry incentive and cost share program information.
  • ODNR Div of Forestry contact information – urban and rural service foresters.
  • Windbreak information
  • General tree information.
  • CAUV Forestry Plan Preparation and Assistance

Manure Nutrient Management – 

  • Manure management site reviews
  • Farm nutrient management plans
  • Manure nutrient analysis  
  • Manure storage facility sizing
  • Application guidelines and rules information
  • Local assistance in Pollution Abatement Program
  • Western Lake Erie Basin rules and regulations

 Pond Program 

  • Pond Clinic held in even numbered years in June at various pond sites around county.
  • Individual pond site analysis, soil test hole consultations, watershed calculations, construction info.
  • Information on fish and weed management, pond safety, design, construction, etc. 
  • Dry hydrant information. 

Pond Consultant’s List             Fish Propagator List

 Soil survey info –            

Wildlife –        

Commercial Nuisance Wild Animal Control Operators

  • ODNR Div of Wildlife contact information – private lands biologist, county wildlife officer 
  • Wildlife foodlot seed and planting information available
  • Federal and state incentive and cost share program information
  • Ohio Pheasants Forever contact information – County Chapter info, PF wildlife biologist
  • Habitat development information