Pond Assistance

New Construction

  • Site Evaluation
  • Soils Evaluation
  • Wateershed Delineation
  • Construction Assistancee
    • Contractors List


Existing Pond

  • Weed Management
  • Annual Fish Fingerling Sale –   Offering a variety of bluegill, bass, perch, catfish, amurs , minnows and more fingerlings for sale each spring.

  • Fish Sale
  • Pond Consultants List

Pond Program 

  • Pond Clinic held in even numbered years in June at various pond sites around county.
  • Individual pond site analysis, soil test hole consultations, watershed calculations, construction info.
  • Information on fish and weed management, pond safety, design, construction, etc. 
  • Dry hydrant information. 

Pond Consultant’s List             Fish Propagator List

small midwest contry pond