Incentive Programs

Crawford County Summary of Conservation Programs

  • Bucyrus City Storm Water Management Program – This program is a cooperative partnership between the City of Bucyrus Wastewater Treatment and the Crawford SWCD. The Crawford SWCD provides voluntary assistance through educational programs and Best Management Practices to city residents. The goal of the program is to raise citizen awareness of local storm water runoff related issues and provide the necessary tools for individual residents to reduce the amount of storm runoff in the cities storm water system. Items include rain barrel information, rain garden design information, professional presentations for adults and children, and a variety of associated backyard conservation practices. 

        * Storm Water Management Brochure                               

           Rain Garden Manual                                           * Home Composting Brochure            * Adult and Youth  Professional Presentations Brochure             

  • Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) – USDA’s land retirement or set aside program.  Pays an annual rental payment for taking cropland out of production and establishing grasses or tree cover as well as creating wetlands.  Also offers cost share on the practices.  Competitive bids placed.
  • Conservation Reserve Program Buffer’s (Continuous CRP) – USDA’s program aimed at establishing grass filter strips, grassed waterways, riparian tree buffers, windbreaks, field borders, or creating wetlands.  This program pays an annual rental payment and offers cost share. No competition, if the land is eligible.
  • Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) – USDA & State buffer program similar to the CRP buffer program but offers higher incentive payments to the landowner for priority practices.  Currently available in Crawford County for land that drains into the Lake Erie Watershed.
  • Conservation Security Program (CSP) – USDA program that rewards farmers that have a documented history of good land stewardship.  Offered on the watershed basis.  If accepted into the program, it offers enhancement payments for implementing various conservation practices such as 100% no-till, variable rate application of fertilizer and more.
  • Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) – The USDA’s incentive program.  Can be used for any USDA eligible practice including but not limited to: animal waste storage facility, grid sampling & nutrient management, compost facility, cover crops, etc.
  • North West Ohio Windbreak Program – Turn key program where State Div. of Forestry employees plant field windbreaks for landowners.  You may be able to get most of the cost paid thru one of the above programs.

  • Wetland Reserve Program (WRP) – USDA program to encourage restoration and enhancement of wetlands.  The landowner receives a payment for placing a 30 year or permanent conservation easement on the land and the landowners receives incentive payment for restoring the wetland.
  • Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP) – USDA program offering landowners’ incentive payment for establishing grassland plantings, riparian tree plantings and wetland restoration to benefit wildlife.