Contractors List - For Information Only, Not a Complete List. Last update: 08/11/2023 This list is neither a recommendation nor endorsement of any of the contractors by the Crawford Soil and Water Conservation District nor the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Contractors are added at their request.



Contact Information

                         Equipment and/or Services Offered


Alger Excavating

Allen Weaver & Roger Karcher

2958 County Hwy 44                        

Nevada OH  44849

Allen: 419-427-4513

Roger: 419-396-6713 

Backhoe, D7 Dozer, Trackhoe, Trencher

Ditch Cleaning, Concrete, Dozing and Trenching, Septic Systems


Allen Excavating

David W Allen

7155 E County Road 6

Bloomville OH  44818


Backhoes w/12, 18, 24, 30 in. buckets; 9T & 28T Dozers; Front End Loader; Earth moving Pans; Grader; Hydraulic Hoe; Sheep’s Foot Roller; 2, 3 & 4 axle Dump Trucks; Semi; Snow Plow; Laser

Clearing; Grassed Waterways; Open Ditches; Ponds; Pond test holes; Rock Chutes; Surface Drains; Animal Waste Systems


Althouse Farms

Richard & Pat Althouse

4368 County Hwy 47

Upper Sandusky OH 43351-9789

Tyler Brause

6594 SR 100

Sycamore, Ohio 44882



D7-E Dozer; 690-B Excavator

No Till drill – 10′ wide

Grass seed box 
– 7” spacing

Open Ditches

Grass seedings – CRP, waterways, hayland, etc


Cander Excavating, Inc.

Tom Cander, president

7315 Crawford Morrow Co Line Rd

Galion, Ohio 44833

ph.    419-468-2589

fax    419-469-1515

cell   419-571-9159

Excavator, 2 bulldozers, grader, backhoe, dump trucks, and supporting equipment

Waterways, chutes, land clearing, ponds, demolition, and any aspect of commercial sitework



Todd Crabtree

1465 N Main Rear

Marion OH 43302


Dozer, Pan, Excavator, Loaders, Grader

Grassed Waterways, Clearing, Ponds, Wetlands, Concrete, Asphalt Paving, Site Grading & Leveling 


Cliff Alt Excavating

Cliff Alt

7126 Scott Road   

Tiro  OH  44887


Case 580C Extendahoe; 10 Ton Tag A Long; Case 450 Dozer; M-F 450-S Track Hoe

Open Ditches; Pond test holes; Rock Chutes

Ponds, Waterways, Surface Drains


Crawford Drainage

Bob Niese

3364 Hinesville Road

Shelby  OH  44875

419-347-6567 or 683-2145

Case 580C Extendahoe; Case 580K Hoe; Case 1550B Dozer and Cat D-6 Dozer; 12 ft. 6-way blade; 30 Ton Landoll Tiltdeck; Case 125B Track Hoe; Hoes Chane Ditcher; 8.5ft. Hose Titan Plow Ditcher; 5ft.cut Dyna Pack Hose Trencher.

Clearing; Grassed Waterways; Open Ditches; Ponds; Test holes; Rock Chutes; Concrete Structures; Subsurface Drainage-up to 30-in.; Surface Drains

Tile inspection using camera;  

Local Dealer for erosion control straw blankets from

Nancy’s Blankets


D & J Builders Excavating Contractor

Doug Sandwisch

11700 Genzman Road

Oak Harbor  OH 43449

419-898-4298 Fax: 419-898-2823

Did not specify

Ditch cleaning & construction, surface drainage, pond construction, other excavation projects


Daiber Excavating & Trucking

Chuck Daiber, owner

517 N Morrison St

Nevada, OH 44849



Cell: 419-295-2601


Basements, Grass Waterways Septic systems, Trenching & Dozer work,


Dirtworks Excavating and Ag Drainage

Dan & Dave Miller

8384 Township Rd 56

Lexington OH 44904




Cell: 419-564-1333 or  419-565-2131

GPS equipment

Ditch Cleaning, Clearing Fencerows, Barn & Grain Bin Foundations, Driveways, Grass Waterways,  Livestock Heavy Use Areas,

Systematic field tiling – willing to do small acreages


Bob Geissman

5580 Mahl Road

New Washington OH 44854


Pan excavator

Waterways, Wetlands


Hammersmith Excavating

Paul  Hammersmith

1671 Lyon Rd

Willard  OH  44890


D-6 & D-5 Dozers; Hydraulic Excavator; Rubber Tired Backhoe; Dump Truck; access to Earth Moving Pan;

Ponds & Pond Restoration, Test Holes,Waterways, Rock Chutes and Structures, Surface Drains, Basements, Site work – leveling & grading etc., Fence Row Clearing, Animal Waste Holding Ponds


Hanes Excavating

Randy, Rick & Bill Hanes

7051 Ross Road

Bloomville OH  44818


Track Excavator – 20 ft. reach; Dozer w/ 12 ft. blade and rake

Grass Waterways, Surface Drains, Ponds, Fence Clearing


Harer Brothers

Ed & Richard Harer

7407 Kennedy Road

Bloomville  OH  44818


Buckeye Super H Ditcher-6 ft. cut; Load Star Lo-Boy AC HD11 & HD21 Dozers

Subsurface Drainage


Lakeshore Excavating LLC

616 Lockwood Ave

Sandusky OH 44870



Cell: 419-552-0086

Fax: 419-626-9428

Did not Specify

Pond construction, Grass waterway construction, Dike work- both new and repair, Dipping ditches, New ditch  construction, Concrete work including flat work, curbs, retaining walls, and paved ditch bottoms, Municipal water and sewer lines, Grading,  and Asphalt work


Levering Excavating

Mark Levering

14266 T H 96

Upper Sandusky OH 43351


Cell: 419-310-5813

Excavator, Backhoe, Bulldozer, Bob Cat, Dump Truck

Clean ditches, Clear fence rows, Grass waterway construction


Lust Farms

Paul and Matt Lust

4181 Beechgrove Rd

Bucyrus OH 44820

Paul: 419-563-7120 Matt: 419-834-0608

 Tile Machine installs 4-inch up to 8-inch diameter only

Subsurface drainage tile; minimum of 10,000 linear feet.


Martin Excavating LLC

Mike Matuch, Owner Operator

115 N Cherry St.

Mt. Gilead Oh. 43338

419-947-5935 office

419-563-5220 cell

Bull Dozers, Excavators, Dump Trucks, Skid Loader, Tractor & Implements.

Clean Topsoil, New Lawns, Driveways, Concrete, Paver Patios, Retaining Walls, Building Site prep, Footers, Ditching, Land Clearing, Ponds, Field Mowing, General Excavating for agricultural, commercial, and residential


Morrow Excavating

Howard Morrow

7921 State Route 309

Galion  OH  44833

419-468-9134 cell 419-543-6417

Dozer, Scraper, Trac Hoe

Ponds, Land clearing, Land Leveling


Ordnance Construction

Ned Smith

2505 Lykens Rd

Marion OH 43302

740-225-6645 cell

Dozer, small excavators, skid loaders, back hoes

Open Ditches, Ponds, Test Holes, Clear Fence Rows. Land Clearing, Demolition of Old Buildings,   Subsurface Drainage


Park Enterprises

Eric Park

598 Irvin Shoots Road East

Marion  OH  43302


3- Track Hoes, 1-Tire Hoe, D-5 Dozer, D-6 dozer, Pull type Pan, Dump Trucks, Low Boy, Semis

Grass Waterways, Ponds, Subsurface Drainage, General Earthmoving.


Phenicie,  Doug

5661 Stevens Road

New Washington  OH  44854


Backhoe 580 S-H 4X4 Extend Hoe; Tile Trencher; Plow 6 in- 6 ft; Laser; Waterway Slinger; Dozer; Excavator; GPS guidance.

Subsurface drainage; grassed waterways; ditch cleaning; demolition; land clearing; ponds; general excavating.



220 West Mary St

Bucyrus  OH  44820


Drot 40 Track Hoe; JD 410 Hoe; 25 Ton Lo-Boy; JD 850 & 350 Dozers; S-12 Pan; 10 ft. Grader

Rentals: straw mulcher & various types of small equipment

Clearing; Grassed Waterways; Open Ditches; Ponds; Test holes; Rock chutes; Concrete Structures; Subsurface Draining; Surface Drains; Drives; Roads

Stocks For Sale: ADS plastic pipe up to 36 inches & 12 ft. and 15 ft. wide rolls of 5-ounce Geotextile Fabric


R J Excavating

Ray Williams

17028 TH 10     

Bucyrus OH 44820

419-835-5044 cell

740-482-3503 home

Trackhoe – 24 ft. reach, 750 John Deere Dozer

Ditch cleaning, Dozing, Trenching, Rock Chutes, Rock Structures, Open Ditches, Tree removal, Ponds, Others


R Ruth Farm Drainage

Russell and Rodney Ruth

5539 Marion Melmore Rd

Sycamore OH  44882


Case Dozer; Buckeye Tile Ditcher; Trac Hoe

Waterways, Subsurface Drainage, Open Ditches, Rock Chutes


Rhoades Farm Drainage, LLC

Ronald “Bumpy” Rhoades

4002 Roberts Rd

Radnor, OH 43066


740-225-1580 cell

Inter-Drain Trencher, 310 SG Backhoes, Fendt Tractors, Holcomb 12 yd Pull Pans, Liebrecht Waterway Ditcher with GPS Control, 320 Cat Trackhoe, Cat D6M Dozer

Subsurface Drainage, Ditch Cleaning, Grass Waterway Construction, Wetlands, Ponds, Fence Row Clearing


Ruff Farms

Steven Dearth

20514 Stonerock Rd

Circleville OH 43313


Complete line of excavation and drainage equipment

Agricultural drainage: tile installation (trenching & plowing); Waterway Construction (grading or dirt blowing); Ditch Maintenance; Seeding Services (seed and straw, hydroseeding and hydromulching, broadcast, drilling, over-seeding, sod)


Saunders’ Excavating

Jeff Saunders

1134 Nazor Road

Galion  OH  44833

Cell: 419-295-1300 Shop: 419-468-1381

Did not specify

Ponds, Waterways, Site Development, Septic Systems, Sanitary, Land Clearing, Storm Water, Trucking, Water Well Service


Steve Sautter

4916 Betts Road

Tiro  OH 44887


Small Excavating

Tile Repair, Culverts, Especially around buildings


Schiefer Excavation & Welding LLC

Eric Schiefer

2100 Lemert Rd

Bucyrus  OH 44820


650 Case Dozer, Scraper, Ford 575 Extendahoe w/12, 24 & 36 inch buckets, Kobelco Excavator 24 & 44 inch buckets.

Grass Waterways, Septic Systems, Mound Systems, Rock Chutes, Ditch Cleaning, Animal Waste systems, Ponds, Wetlands, Pond Test Holes, Fence Row Clearing, Land Clearing, Site grading & leveling


Schimpf & Young

2841 Albaugh Road

Bloomville  OH  44818


Buckeye Ditcher, Tile Ditcher

Subsurface Drainage


Scott Excavating

Bill Scott

1086 Nevada Wynford Rd

Bucyrus  OH 44820


Did not specify

Access Roads, Backhoe & Skid Loader Work, Driveway Installation, Feedlots, Stone & Dirt Hauling, Septic System Installation, Tile Repair, Waterways,


Slingwine Excavating & Trucking

Richard Slingwine

4778 N County Road 21

Clyde  OH  43410


Rogers 25-Ton Lo-Boy, D-7E Cat Dozer w/12 ft 6in Tilt Blade, Dragline w/60 ft Boom, Leiberr 921 Hydraulic Hoe w/31ft Reach and 80in Ditch    Bucket (1.8 YD)

Clearing, Grass Waterways, Open Ditches, Ponds, Pond Test Holes, Rock Chutes, Animal Waste Systems, Ditch & Pond Cleaning


Doug C. Smith

7903 Planktown North Road

Shiloh, OH  44878


Bulldozer & Excavating Equipment

Waterways, Ponds, Land Clearing, Rock Chutes, Surface Drains


Rodney Smith

5535 Township Road 179

Cardington OH 43315


Dozer, Backhoe, Excavator, Pan, Hose Ditching Machine, Tile Installation Plow

Clearing, Grading, Grass Waterways, Ponds, Pond Test Holes, Rock Chutes, Subsurface Drainage Tile, Wetlands


Watershed Management

Carl Hamman & Rob Hamman

PO Box 126

10460 SR 56

Mt. Sterling OH 43143



Did not specify

Waterway Construction, Tile Installation, Erosion Control Structures, Survey Equipment, Tile Camera, Drone/Aerial Pictures, Topo Mapping, Seeder, Cultivator, Fertilizer Spreader




Other Specialized Contractors & Services



Consultants – Ecological and Environmental;  Soil Scientists


Certified Professional Soil Scientists in Ohio

Get the current listing at:


MAD Scientist & Associates, Inc.

Mark & Chris Dilley, Owners

253 N State Street, Suite 101

Westerville, OH 43081-1472



Wetland delineation, Permitting, Mitigation & monitoring, Threatened and endangered species/critical habitat surveys, Ecological risk assessments, Stream characterizations and aquatic studies, Botanical surveys, and other ecological services



Consultants – Ecological and Environmental;  Soil Scientists


Lawhon & Associates Inc.

Justin Zink,

Sr. Archaeologist/Principal Investigator

1441 King Ave

Columbus OH 43212


cell: 614-425-5447

Ecological and environmental consulting; wetland/stream delineation, permitting, design and monitoring; critical habitat surveys; aquatic studies; botanical surveys


Best Management Practices Installation  & Maintenance


Alex Deitering

Ground Control

Erosion Control Services

6700 Road 5

Leipsic, OH 45856

419-231-4746; 877-745-8267




Erosion control services including construction seeding, perimeter filter fabric fence, ditch check, construction fence, inlet protection.


Lime Spreading


MicWin LLC

Mike Wolfe

4993 Township Highway 55

Upper Sandusky  OH  43351

419-294-3046 or 294-2291

2 Tandem Trucks with fixed rate guidance systems and 1 with GPS variable rate application capabilities

Lime Spreading






The Concrete Guy

Kelly Lutz


 Driveways, floors, sidewalks, Stamped and Colored concrete


Yoder Laser Concrete

7391 County Road 203

Millersburg  OH  44654


Fax: 330-674-3365

Laser Screed, power trowels, bobcat, mud buggies, general concrete installation equipment, can acquire equipment to meet any job.

Concrete, heavy use pads, stamped concrete, agricultural, industrial and residential concrete applications


Farm Facilities


James P. Finnegan Construction Inc.

5224 Settlement East Road

Shelby Ohio 44875


Manure storage facilities; heavy use pads; concrete work; Building, Repair, Carpentry, Roofing, Spouting


The Renegade Reclaim Company

Eric Miller

5478 Brookview Lane

Upper Sandusky, Ohio 43351


Buy barns to reclaim and re-assemble;

Sell: barn beams, siding of all colors; boards and more 

Excavating: ponds and drive way construction;

Fence row removal



Fence Construction




Seaman’s Custom Fence, LLC

8128 Planktown Rd

Shiloh OH 44878


Fax: 419-896-3541 

Commercial, Farm, & Residential Fence – vinyl, chainlink, split rail, aluminum, wood, high tensile, woven wire.

Family owned & operated since 1992






Manure Hauling  & Spreading


Kessler Farms

Tim Kessler 

Bascom OH


Phone or Fax:


5,000 gallon tanker; MT Heetrick Injectors:  Custom Liquid Manure Tankering, Minimum Till Injection, Ohio Department of Ag. Certified Livestock Manager (CLM#142)


Matt Schaaf Manure Pumping

Matthew E. Schaaf, owner

4482 Wile Rd.

Wooster, OH 44691



 Liquid Manure Application: Dragline manure application that includes surface or incorporation application with flow meter for accurate application rate; Solid Manure Application;

Field Tillage: chiseling or discing.

BARN/FARM: Jet truck- includes 600 ft. of 1″ hose, Vacuum truck Unplugging drainage or tile lines (ex. Milk house water drain lines) clean out sumps, manholes or small, confined pits (ex. sump pits for manure or piston pumps)


Sediment Removal


Mucksuckers / Sediment Removal Solutions of Ohio
P.O. Box 311
Wapakoneta, OH 45895

1-877-772-6825 (MUCK)

Got Muck?  We remove sediment from Private Ponds, Golf Course Ponds, Public Ponds, Retention Ponds, Lakes, Culverts and Springs.  Eighteen years of professional experience. We are the original founders of this system with top-of-the-line modified and patented equipment, giving you the best and most economical efficiency. The hydraulic removal of sediments at a cost of up to 75% less than that of mechanical dredging. Pricing to fit your budget needs. No draining of your pond or relocating aquatic life. No mechanical digging which can rupture lined ponds or change existing designs, requiring extensive permitting.


Pond Dredging, Weed Control & Other Products and Services


Aqua Doc  Lake & Pond Mgt.  

10779 Mayfield Rd.

Chardon, OH 44024

PH: 440-286 -7663,



Website:   e-mail:

New pond, lake, and dock construction; lake studies;

cattail removal, dredging, water gardens, fountains & aeration, algae & weed control, fish stocking


427 W. Dussell Dr., Suite 172

Maumee, OH 43537

Phone: 419-206-7154


3455 Centerpointe Dr., Suite H

Grove City, OH 43123

Phone: 614-506-4166


3455 Centerpointe DR, Suite H

Cincinnati, OH 45244

Phone: 513-315-6799




Drainage Supplies & Geotextile Fabric  


Swartz Potato Farm

Chris, Bryan or Christina VerBurg

2675 Kaster Rd.

Shiloh, Ohio 44878




They have both woven and non-woven geotextile fabric. They will also sell it and cut the geotextile to the length needed. You can buy a partial roll. 

The farm carries Corrugated Single Wall and Dual Wall Tile, Leachfield Systems, Waterline, PVC and SDR 35 pipe, tanks, grates, trench drains, and much more! We include fittings for everything sold and items not in stock may be ordered to fit your drainage needs.



Straw Blankets &  Erosion Control


Hall Farms

Mark Hall

10371 Hall Lane, Sunman IN 47041



Sales: Straw Blanket Installation tools & fasteners, G-Pins & G-pin Driver, Roll Runner Straw Blankets, Straw Wattles-tube shaped erosion control device, Straw/Coconut Blankets, Geotextile Fabrics.


Nordloh Industries, LLL

Tom Nordloh



AutoBlanket® Stapling System for installation of erosion control blanket on grass waterways. The cost is about $ 1.10 per square yard and includes single or double net straw erosion control blanket, staples, labor and equipment.

We are seeking grass waterway contractors or
farm owners to use our system. Our company has been installing between 5,000 and 10,000 square yards of erosion control blanket per day at a cost WAY below current installation methods


Erosion control:

Nancy’s Blankets for Erosion Control Nancy Hamman

PO Box 126

10460 State Route 56 SE

Mt. Sterling OH 43143


740-845-1129 office

 Erosion Control Straw Blankets For Sale

 8 ft. or 16 ft. wide x 112 ft. long or 562 ft. long;  Circle top and V-Top Anchoring Pins; Pin Installation Tool, Jute Netting, Unrollers, Seed & Fertilizer

Straw Blanket Installation




Fox Surveying Company Inc.

Steven A. Fox, P.S., President

106 S. Elm Street,  PO Box 133

Prospect  OH 43342



Toll free:


Cell: 740-341-9027

Fax: 740-494-2730


Boundary surveys, Topographic surveys; for farm, residential, commercial, mortgage, construction staking.







Tile Cleaning


Darrs Cleaning

5089 County Road 175

Clyde  OH  43410


Tile Cleaner and Root Cutter

Cleaning Tile



Tree Removal & Land Clearing


Bob Rogers Sr.

7303 County Road 121

Fredericktown OH 43019

419-768-1789 or 419-768-3903

Komatsu Trackhoe with tree grinding arm 

 Tree Removal and Grinding


Camden Timber services

Fredericktown, Ohio

Travels state wide


ASV RT-120 forestry mower that has a 74 inch cut. The machine has a footprint of 4lbs per square inch which isn’t an excessive amount of compaction.

Complete timber management solution: Land clearing, underbrush removal, residential and commercial tree removal. 


H & H Land Clearing LLC

P O Box 179

Middlefield OH 44062

Office: 440-632-0551

Fax: 1-800-269-2638

Cell: 440 669-5441 (mike)


Large acreage clearing; residential lot clearing; stump grinding; developments & forestry mowing; right-of-way clearing.

Buyers of Standing Timber.



Tree Removal & Land Clearing


TAWA Tree Service, Inc.

Chris Roof

1131 Sugar Mill Road

Ottawa OH 45875

Office: 419-523-9001

Cell: 419-615-9072


  ISA Certified Arborists

River and stream logjam removal; Trimming/Pruning; Stump removal; Mulch; Spraying; Injections; Lawn Care


TCS Forestry Management

88 Thivener Road

Gallipolis OH 45631

Scott Swain:

Scott Epling:

Office: 740-446-2015

Fax  740-441-0856


TCS Forestry has the equipment needed to recapture Ohio’s over grown fields and forests, turning these lands into productive acreage for crops, pasture or hunting lands.


Clearing Ohio’s Over Grown Farmland