Conservation Program Assistance

  • Soil and Water Conservation Program Assistance
    • Ohio Dept. of Agriculture H2Ohio – Ohio Department of Ag program that provides payments to producers that implement conservation on their farms. The H2Ohio program works closely with producers to enhance conservation efforts on their farms through incentive payments for nutrient management, cover crops, small grain planting and manure management.
    • Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) -USDA’s largest conservation program has several options.
    • Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)– USDA’s largest conservation program has several options.
    • State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement (SAFE CRP) – A continuous CRP program aimed at restoring habitat vital to meet state wildlife conservation needs. SAFE provides landowners increased incentive payments for planting grasses and pollinator friendly plants. like other continuous programs, sing up is on-going.
    • Wetland Reserve Easement – USDA incentive program for landowners who wish to establish or enhance existing wetlands on their property. Landowners receive cost share incentive payments to establish or restore wetlands and an additional payment for placing the conservation easement on the wetland enrolled.
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