Crawford Soil & Water Conservation District
3111 State Route 98, Bucyrus, OH 44820 (419)-562-8280


    Our mission is to encourage and assist the people of Crawford County in making decisions for the wise use of our natural resources to provide a quality environment for all.

Conservation Districts are locally organized self-governing bodies chartered by the State. Through voluntary action and cooperation of landowners (and other stake holders), the District works to conserve land, water, forest, wildlife and other related resources for the benefit of all.

Managing Farm Nutrients for Water Quality

December 4th, 2018   5:30-8:30 P.M.

Workshop Agenda
5:30-6:00       Meal – provided w/ pre-registration before Nov. 30th
6:00-6:30     Opportunities for sub-surface fertilizer placement -Trey Colley, OSUE
6:30-7:00      How Rivers Reflect Nutrient Management —Laura Johnson,  Heidelberg
7:00-7:30 Utilizing Cover Crops as Forage—Al Gahler, OSUE
7:30-8:00 Alternative Manure Applications—Jason Hartschuh, OSUE
8:00-8:15 USDA EQIP Opportunities  —Brad VanVoorhis, USDA-NRCS
8:15-8:30   Nutrient Application Rules Q & A—Mike Hall, Crawford SWCD


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Windbreak Program Available to Landowners

The Northwest Ohio Windbreak Program (NOWP) is a great opportunity for landowners to establish tree windbreaks in the county to help reduce soil erosion, control drifting snow, and/ or improve wildlife habitat. The program is offered through ODNR Division of Forestry and provides assistance with planning and planting windbreaks. SWCD/ NRCS staff will work with the landowner to design the windbreak and determine the type and number of trees necessary. ODNR forestry staff will then plant the trees. One of the unique aspects of this program is the Survival Guarantee. ODNR will provide the landowners replacement trees at no cost for any that do not survive the first year. The cost for the 2019 Northwest Ohio Windbreak Program is $0.35 per row foot, cost share is available for the program through the Lake Erie CREP Program, if eligible. Certain eligibility requirements do apply to apply for the NOWP program. The field must be a minimum of 10 acres and the minimum length for each row is 250 feet. Applications will be accepted until December 7, 2018. Contact the Crawford SWCD/NRCS office for more information or for eligibility requirements at 419-562-8280 ext. 3.